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Esperto Risponde

Integratore bacillus and domperidone

Hi i have this diarrhoea yesterday and today i still have but not worse than yesterday i took loperamide  2times 1 is before meal and then after 2hrs of meal i took another one because nothing change. Then after lunch i took integrator and it lessens my use of toilet. Then today this morning i take integrator but still i have poop the same but not so much then this afternoon im gonna take the domperidone is that ok?

Risposta del medico
Dr. Khalil Khansa
Dr. Khalil Khansa
Medico di Medicina generale

Can continue milk enzymes, hydration, feeding on potatoes,rice, boiled carrots, Peridon is not indicated for diarrhea.

Risposto il: 24 Aprile 2024