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I'm pregnant and i have "hepatitis b". my doctor

I'm pregnant and I have "hepatitis B". My doctor from Bucharest Romania told me to buy from Italy a medicine to have it with me in the moment of birth to give it to my baby. She told me that is an "Immunoglobuline - IPERIMMUNE ANTI HBV (ANTI HBV IgG )". I don't know if is a medicine or a vaccine, but if you have any idea about what I need please contact me by e-mail because I have a lot of friends in Italy to come and buy it. She told me that is very simple - a medicine for a baby whose mother has hepatitis B. Grazie, Catalina.
Risposta del medico
Dr. Fegato.com
Dr. Fegato.com
Anti-HBV Ig is a medicine normally used at birth in case of mother HBV positive. Make sure that the baby receives hepatitis B vaccine at birth, one month, and six months of age as well as H-BIG (anti-HBV Ig) at birth. The administration of H-BIG in Italy is very simple and it’s easy to find it into pharmacy.
Risposto il: 19 Aprile 2006